It’s Been A Long, Long Time……..

The last two years have sped by for us very quickly.  In that time, we have bought a house, adopted a WONDERFUL German Shepherd, and my father died.  Our oldest son graduated from college with a BS in Economics (chip off the old block) with a 3.9 GPA.  My husband had major league back surgery which has been a blessing for him – he is finally free of the torturing back pain he suffered for years.  So – I have been VERY busy with no time to write.  Back to my Dad – because of Independence Day.

Dad was a decorated WWII vet and on this 4th of July I cannot help but think of him.  He fought in the Pacific Theater alongside many other young men who made great sacrifices to keep our nation free.  Dad nearly lost his leg, but the minute he was discharged from the hospital, he went AWOL to try and catch up to his battalion.  I am not sure but I am under the impression that he never did find them.  Eventually he was shipped home and was recuperating at Cushing General Hospital in Framingham, Mass.  That is where he met my Mom, who was a USO volunteer.

Mom died 8 years ago, and Dad died shortly after his birthday this past year.  He had kept her ashes to be interred with his, and they were mingled together in the grave.  It was very bittersweet.  They had been married just 60 years when Mom died and it was nice to know they are back together again.  Their ashes rest under a military headstone, lovely in its simplicity, and a reminder of Dad’s service to his country.

Tomorrow, Independence Day, is a day of thanks for all of those who have served and who currently serve our country in the Military, defending our freedoms.  Freedom is not free.   Never has been, never will be.  If we take it for granted, we stand to lose it.  Dad and many of the men in his generation fought to keep our country and others free from the oppressive regime of Nazi Germany. They fought to keep us free of a government who would tell us what we could and could not do in our personal lives, what jobs we could have, how much money we would be allowed to earn, what religion we could practice, and what would happen to us (death) if we practiced a religion or were of an ethnicity the government did not like.  Included in that was to be free from a government who would dictate how we would be educated, how we would raise our children, and so forth.

These Freedoms cost us dearly in all the major wars we have fought to keep it.

Freedom is about the Liberties we have asserted in the Constitution.  Our liberties and our freedom are our God-given rights.  They are NOT granted to us by some government – by some over-blown egomaniacs who were chosen to represent We, the People, as our employees – not as our overlords.

Freedom is the right to pursue our own happiness, without being forced to pay the way for others who choose to pursue happiness by living off the backs of those who work for their living.  Freedom is the right to be able to make our own decisions regarding things such as healthcare insurance.  Freedom is the right to say whatever we please, whenever we wish.  Freedom is the right to express our patriotism where we please and when we please.  Freedom is not having the government decide how much money we can make, what religion we may or may not practice, what we must purchase and may not purchase, and otherwise limiting our choices and decisions for ourselves and for our families.

On our country’s day of Independence, I thank ALL of those who have served in the military, and all of those currently serving.  God bless you all for standing up for our freedom!



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